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Advantages and Applications of Hot Air Non-Woven Fabrics

Mar. 05, 2021

Here are the benefits and applications of hot air non-woven fabrics shared by Non Woven Fabric Supplier. I hope it will certainly be handy to every person.

The hot air non-woven material belongs to one of hot air bonding non-woven fabrics. After the fiber is brushed, the hot air on the drying out equipment is utilized to penetrate the web to warm it. Bonding the resulting nonwoven textile.

Non Woven Fabric

Non Woven Fabric

ES fiber is an optimal hot-bonding fiber, which is primarily made use of for hot-bonding of hot air non-woven fabrics. When the carded web is thermally bonded by warm rolling or hot air through, the reduced melting element develops a combination bond at the crossway of the fibers, and also after cooling, the fibers at the non-intersection point remain in the original state. It is a type of "point-like bonding" instead of "area bonding", so the item has the qualities of bulkiness, softness, high toughness, oil absorption and also blood absorption. In the last few years, the fast growth of thermal bonding applications has counted completely on these new synthetic fiber materials.

The ES fibers are combined with the PP fibers and after that thermally bonded or needled to crosslink as well as bond the ES fibers per various other. This technique has the advantage of not needing the use of a glue and a substrate towel.

The Hot Air Non-Woven product has the features of high thickness, excellent elasticity, soft hand sensation, strong heat, good air leaks in the structure as well as leaks in the structure, but its strength is low and also it is very easy to be deformed. With the development of the market, hot air non-woven products are widely utilized in the manufacture of disposable items, such as child diapers, grown-up incontinence pads, textiles for women's hygiene items, in addition to napkins, bathroom towels, disposable tablecloths, and so on; Thick items are used to make winter garments, bed linen, child sleeping bags, mattresses, sofa pillows, etc. High-density hot-melt sticky items for filter materials, sound-insulating products, shock soaking up materials, and so on

1.The top quality of hot air non-woven material: hot air non-woven material is mainly made from polypropylene resin. The details gravity between the products is only 0.9. The production product of hot air non-woven textile is just three-fifths of cotton, as well as the item is cosy. High sex, feel good.

2. Hot air non-woven textile is very soft and comfortable: the hot air non-woven textile is composed of penalty fibers and is formed by bonding by light-point warm melt modern technology. The completed item of the hot air non-woven material is moderately soft as well as comfortable.

3. Hot air non-woven water, good ventilation: due to the fact that the manufacturing of hot air non-woven material is polypropylene, this product does not absorb water, the water material is nearly absolutely no, the hot air non-woven textile has outstanding water repellency, The internal composition of the product contains 100% fiber with porosity and great gas permeability. Compared with other items, it is easier to maintain the cloth completely dry as well as clean.

4. The hot air non-woven material has great non-toxic as well as non-irritating homes: the hot air non-woven material is refined by composite FDA food grade raw materials, as well as the hot air non-woven material has no other chemical parts, and the item has steady performance, safe as well as safe. Smell, does not aggravate the skin.

5. The major production modern technology of hot air non-woven fabric includes the latest and most environmentally friendly antibacterial and also anti-chemical agents: Due to the product of hot air non-woven fabric, polypropylene is a blunt substance, which can effectively prevent pests and also can also be efficiently separated. The microorganisms and bugs that are inside the fluid of the post are eroded, to ensure that the ended up item does not impact the strength because of disintegration.

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