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Basic Knowledge of Non-Woven Masks

Feb. 04, 2021

Common categories

2-layer mask: Non Woven Fabric, bridge of nose, ear hook.

3-layer mask: non-woven fabric, bridge of nose, ear hook, filter cotton (filter paper).

Activated carbon mask: non-woven fabric, bridge of nose, ear hook, filter cotton (filter paper), activated carbon cloth.

Scope of application

The two-layer mask is mainly used in food processing plants. There is no filter melt blown cloth in the middle, but two Hot-Air Non Woven Fabric are stitched together. Its function is to prevent the substances in the mouth from entering the food.

The three-layer mask has a filter meltblown cloth in the interlayer, which is suitable for medical structures and outdoor, dust factories and other occasions

Activated carbon masks are suitable for occasions with stricter requirements for dust and bacteria

Non-Woven Mask

Non-Woven Mask

Selection method

You must follow a few steps: one look, two touch, three smell, four wear

One look: see if the face of the post is shiny and if there is no broken hair

Second touch: Touch whether the whole mask is soft and smooth, not rough

Three smells: whether there is any peculiar smell, from the fabric surface to the ear strap

Four wears: wear them to see if your ears, nose and face are itchy

How to wear

First,It is best to wash your hands to prevent dirty hands from contaminating the inner surface of the mask. Gently pinch both sides to unfold the mask, and the bulging side is the surface.

Second, according to the upper direction of the cartilage strips of the nose, attach the Non-Woven Mask to the face while hooking the ear cords to the ears.

Third, gently press the cartilage strip of the nose to fit the shape of the nose.

four. Stretch the folds downwards until they completely cover the chin.

usage time

Since it is a disposable mask, it certainly cannot be reused, and the time to use a disposable mask should also be paid attention to. Generally speaking, a disposable mask needs to be replaced after 6-8 hours.


1.After wearing a mask, avoid frequent opening covers, which will reduce the protective effect of the mask

2. After taking off the mask, pack the mask with tape and paper bag, put it in a covered trash can, and wash your hands in time, do not reuse disposable masks

3. Do not reuse the front and back of the disposable mask, because the outer layer of the mask will collect a lot of dust and bacteria from the outside. If you use the front and back alternately, the pollutants in the outer layer will directly enter the oral cavity with the respiratory tract, affecting human health

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