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Fabric Encyclopedia - Hot Air Nonwoven

Apr. 26, 2021

Nonwoven Suppliers share with you some small knowledge about hot air nonwoven, hope it will be helpful to you

Hot Air Nonwoven Fabric

Hot Air Nonwoven Fabric

Hot Air Nonwoven Fabric is one of the hot air bonded nonwoven fabrics. Hot air nonwoven fabric is a nonwoven fabric produced by using hot air from the drying equipment to penetrate the fiber web after the fibers are carded, so that they can be bonded by heat.

Hot air bonding principle

Hot air bonding is a production method in which hot air is used to penetrate the web on the drying equipment to melt it and produce bonding. Generally, the products made by hot air bonding are fluffy, soft, elastic and warm, but the strength is low and easy to deform.

Production process

One-step method: Bale opening and blending→vibrating and quantifying the cotton→double selvedge and double doffer→wide high-speed carding into a network→hot air oven→automatic roll→slitting

Two-step method: opening and blending → cotton feeding machine → carding machine → netting machine → main carding machine → hot air oven → roll forming machine → slitting machine

Production process and products

Thermally bonded nonwovens can be realized by different heating methods. The bonding method and process, the fiber type and carding process and the web structure will ultimately affect the performance and appearance of the nonwoven.

For webs containing low melting point fibers or bicomponent fibers, hot roll bonding or hot air bonding can be used. For common thermoplastic fibers and their blends with non-thermoplastic fibers, hot-rolling bonding can be used.

Product Applications

Hot air bonded products are characterized by high fluffiness, good elasticity, soft feel, warmth, breathability and water permeability, etc., but their strength is low and easy to deform. With the development of the market, hot air bonded products with their unique style are widely used in the manufacture of products with disposable, such as baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, fabrics for women's hygiene products and napkins, bath towels, disposable tablecloths, etc.; thick products are used to make cold-proof clothing, bedding, baby sleeping bags, mattresses, sofa cushions, etc. High-density hot-melt bonded products can be used to make filter materials, sound insulation materials, shock-absorbing materials, etc.

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