Antibacterial Hot-Air Nonwoven Use in Mask

All the fibers use the leading antibacterial method of chitin, and the hot-air nonwoven made can effectively sterilize and prevent the growth of bacteria, providing more safety guarantee for the human body.


Product Description

Features:Masks have now become people's daily necessities. They are generally worn on the mouth and nose to filter the air entering the mouth and nose to block harmful gases, odors, droplets, viruses and other substances. Therefore, this product uses fibers with leading antibacterial mechanism of chitin to make non-woven  that can effectively sterilize, prevent the growth of bacteria, prevent germs and bacteria from entering the human mouth and nose, and provide more safety guarantee for the human body. The antibacterial mechanism is the chitin used, which is not harmful to the human body and is a renewable and environmentally friendly product. In the process of fiber production, chitin is added to the oil agent, and there is no other addition process in the process of non-woven production, which can improve the efficiency of production. The antibacterial hot air non-woven  is applied to the mask, which can be antibacterial and sterilization in the early stage, cutting off the transmission route of bacteria, making the bacteria blocked out of the mouth and nose, and protecting the health of the human body.

Uses: Suitable for mask skin-friendly layer and mask hot-air nonwoven layer.

Specification:   Weight :  18gsm-80gsm     Width:  50mm-2000mm 2971834140