Cleaning Skin Layer

The latest generation of fiber is used to improve the hydrophilicity of the product.


Product Description

Features:This product uses the latest generation of fibers to improve the hydrophilicity of the fibers. Compared with the ordinary surface layer, the product improves thestability and fastness of the oil agent, improves the hydrophilicity of the finished product, and eliminates Security hazards such as yellowing. The function of the surface layer is to quickly capture the liquid and quickly transfer it to the lower layer material. The lower layer material diffuses to make the absorbent layer absorb and maintain its own dry performance. The sanitary napkin made of this skin-friendly layer can achieve the effects of single-point penetration, non-diffusion, low reverse osmosis, and the effect of "occult blood", so it is called "cleansing surface layer", which can reduce women's embarrassment. In addition, the cleansing surface layer has a drying effect, and women can feel drier when using it, which meets women's requirements for comfort.

Uses: Suitable for the skin-friendly layer of sanitary protection.

Specification:   Weight :  18gsm-40gsm     Width:  50mm-2400mm 2971834140