Colorfull Nonwoven

Bright colors, can bring great visual effects, make the product more beautiful.


Product Description

Features:Hot air non-woven products have the characteristics of high bulkiness, good elasticity, soft hand feeling, strong warmth retention, good air permeability and water permeability. With the development of the market, hot air non-woven are widely used in the manufacture of disposable products with their unique style, such as baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, feminine hygiene products, napkins, bath towels, disposable tablecloths, etc.; Thick products are used to make cold-proof clothing, bedding, baby sleeping bags, mattresses, sofa cushions, etc. High-density hot-melt adhesive products can be used to make filter materials, sound insulation materials, etc. Therefore, the color demand for hot-air non-woven is increasing, and the colors are bright, which can bring rich visual effects and make the products more beautiful. The company can undertake various colors of hot air non-woven , and can customize colors to meet customer needs. For example: blue, green, yellow, pink, etc. for the diversion layer, camel for home textiles, etc.

Uses: used in the skin-friendly layer,ADL of sanitary products and other industrial textiles.

Specification:   Weight :  18gsm-80gsm     Width:  50mm-2000mm 2971834140