Hot-Air Ginning, Perforated Non-Woven

It integrates functionality and aesthetics, with novel appearance and beautiful patterns.


Product Description

Features:Hot-air ginning and perforated non-woven  integrate functionality and aesthetics, and can be used for differentiated surface layer designs. The appearance pattern is novel, the pattern is beautiful, and the visual sense is increased. Infants and young children will have certain patterns on some patterns, etc. Interests, so adding patterns can attract babies and toddlers. At the same time, embossing and perforating can reduce the contact area between the product and the baby's skin, accelerate liquid penetration, block liquid reverse osmosis, keep the surface dry, and reduce the production of "red buttocks". The perforation is generally a tapered hole, and the liquid will quickly penetrate along the tapered hole, and the tapered hole close to the lower layer material is smaller, and the liquid is not easy to reverse from the tapered hole to the upper layer, which can maintain the surface layer material The dryness. After embossing, the embossed product will form a certain indentation, and the liquid will flow along the indentation, which improves the diffusion performance and the absorption efficiency of the lower absorbent core. At present, our company has a variety of pattern appearance patents, which can be used by customers with confidence, and can also be customized and developed according to customer needs and signed a confidentiality agreement to create the greatest value for you.

Uses: It can be used for differentiated skin-friendly layer design, suitable for skin-friendly layer materials of high-end  baby diapers and adult incontinences.

Specification:   Weight :  22gsm-40gsm     Width:  50mm-1000mm 2971834140