Hot Air Super Soft Whitening Nonwoven

Soft and delicate hand feeling, fluffy and uniform surface, cotton texture, direct contact with human skin, can improve consumer comfort feelings.


Product Description

Features:In feminine sanitary products, with the improvement of people’s living standards, women’s requirements for comfort are getting higher and higher. Based on the original basic performance of sanitary napkins, people require that the surface material of sanitary napkins should be extremely skin-contacting. Good comfort, the hot air super soft whitening non-woven fabric feels soft and delicate, the cloth surface is fluffy and uniform, has a pure cotton texture, and its breathability and moisture permeability are good. The surface layer of feminine hygiene products can directly contact the human skin. Improve consumer comfort. Whitening can improve the Baidu on the surface of feminine hygiene products, improve the aesthetics of the product, and have hidden functions to reduce women's embarrassment when using hygiene products; super soft is the soft feel of the hot air non-woven fabric, which is applied to the surface layer of feminine hygiene products The material can improve the comfort of the product.

Uses: Suitable for the skin layer of sanitary protection.

Specification:   Weight :  18gsm-40gsm     Width:  50mm-2400mm 2971834140