Li Gen: Founder, Chairman, and General Manager of the company; pioneer, leader and forerunner in the nonwoven industry

In 1976, he joined the work in a state-owned enterprise as a middle-level manager.
In 1990, he founded a nonwoven joint venture company, focusing on comprehensive work and serving as the general manager of the foreign party.
In 1994, under the wave of reform and opening up, Manage Li renting Ma Shengli imported nonwoven equipment to start his entrepreneurial journey.
In 2000, in the East Development Zone of Shijiazhuang,we have our own factory, and completed the first expansion of production line with 4 circular mesh nowoven production lines .

In 2009, the company owned its own land and workshops in Zhongshan Guguo Lingshou Economic Development Zone, and introduced the fifth domestic flat-net hot-air production line at that time to complete the product upgrade.
At the beginning of 2014, system management was introduced to realize standardization and standardization of management.
In the same year,heaven was jealous of talents our respected Chairman Li passed away due to illness.


Guo Yanmei Founder of the company; current chairman of the company

In 2014, due to the death of Chairman Li, Guo Dong truned grief into strength, and she opened a new chapter for Weijia with the trend of unwilling women.
In 2018, it introduced Taiwan's Riweiping hot-air nonwoven production line.
In 2018, according to the company's development strategy, it established a production-university-research cooperation with  Tianjin  University of Technology and other famous universities .
In 2019, Mr. Wang, who has management experience in multinational companies, was introduced to make the company's management more refined, systematic and automated.

In2020 the novel COVID-19 epidemic of the four virtual ,Chairman Guo resisted the temptation of huge profits, did not forget original intention, and supported the hygiene industry. The "WEIJIA" brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!


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