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Advantages and Applications of Hot Air Nonwovens

Jun. 07, 2021

Hot air nonwovens are one of the hot air bonded nonwovens. The fibers are carded and then heated using hot air penetrating the web on the drying equipment. The bonding produces a nonwoven fabric. The following is the advantages and applications of hot air nonwoven fabrics shared by the Hot Air Nonwoven Manufacturer, I hope it will be helpful to you

Hot Air Nonwoven Fabric

Hot Air Nonwoven Fabric

Hot air nonwoven products have the characteristics of high fluffiness, good elasticity, soft touch, warmth, breathability and water permeability, but their strength is low and easily deformed. With the development of the market, hot air nonwoven products are widely used to make disposable products, such as baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, fabrics for women's hygiene products, as well as napkins, bath towels, disposable tablecloths, etc.; thick products are used to make winter clothes, bedding, baby sleeping bags, mattresses, sofa cushions, etc. High-density hot melt products are used for filter materials, sound insulation materials, shock absorption materials, etc.

1. Quality of hot air nonwoven fabric: Hot Air Nonwoven Fabric is mainly made of polypropylene resin. The specific gravity between the materials is only 0.9. Hot air nonwoven fabric is produced from only three-fifths cotton, and the products are fluffy. High sex and good handfeel.

2. Hot air nonwoven fabric is very soft and comfortable: Hot air nonwoven fabric consists of fine fibers, which are bonded by light spot hot melt technology. The finished product of hot air nonwoven fabric is moderately soft and comfortable.

3. Hot air nonwoven fabric is waterproof and breathable: Since the production of hot air nonwoven fabric is polypropylene, this material does not absorb water and the water content is almost zero, hot air nonwoven fabric has excellent water resistance; the interior of the product consists of 100% fibers, which are porous and have good gas permeability. Compared with other products, the cloth is easier to keep dry and clean.

4. Hot air nonwoven fabric has good non-toxic and non-irritating properties: hot air nonwoven fabric is processed with compound FDA food-grade raw materials, hot air nonwoven fabric does not contain other chemical components, the product performance is stable, non-toxic and odorless, and does not irritate the skin.

5. The main production technology of hot air nonwoven fabric adds the latest and most environmentally friendly antimicrobial agent and antichemical agent. As the material of hot air nonwoven fabric is polypropylene, a blunt substance, it can effectively prevent insects and also effectively isolate Bacteria and insects inside the article liquid are eroded, so the finished product will not affect the strength due to erosion.

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