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What Kind of Material is Hot Air Non-Woven Fabric For N95 Masks?

Apr. 13, 2021

As one of the materials of N95 folding masks, Hot Air Non-Woven Fabric is not well known by the public. Hot air nonwoven fabric itself as a new type of mask material is widely used in N95 folding masks, but few people can say what material hot air nonwoven fabric is for N95 masks.

Hot Air Non-Woven Fabric

Hot Air Non-Woven Fabric

Hot air nonwoven fabric, also known as hot air cotton and wind mouth cotton, is made by using ES and low melting point fiber through heating synthesis, so it also belongs to one of the synthetic fiber filter cotton. Although hot air non-woven fabric is a filter material, but its filtration level can only reach the primary filtration, therefore, in the N95 mask and can not replace the N95 mask "heart", meltblown cloth.

Hot air non-woven fabric in the N95 mask belongs to a filling material. Some Nonwoven Fabric Suppliers, in order to take into account the effect of warmth and protection, use high fluffiness, good elasticity, soft feel, warmth, breathable and permeable hot air nonwoven fabric sandwiched in the middle of the N95 folding mask, which mainly plays the role of primary filtration, heat insulation, moisture and humidity prevention, and improves the wearer's comfort.

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